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The ABC Family Fund announces the Cannaphile Private Jet Tour

May 2018

Brought to a select few by Ancillary Business Consultants in support of the ABC Family Fund.

844-RHODIUM (746-3486)

Every day over 100,000 children suffer from seizures due to Dravet’s Syndrome, an extremely severe form of epilepsy. There is definite proof that CBD, an extract of cannabis, has helped many patients by reducing their seizure rate, but, archaic federal legislation continues to prevent parents from gaining the necessary treatment for their children to alleviate these sometimes deadly and always debilitating seizures.

Ancillary Business Consultants, an industry leading cannabis technology group, through the ABC Family Fund (ABCFF), is assisting families to gain access to this needed treatment by helping them relocate to a cannabis compliant state. “Our ABCFF charity provides financial and logistic assistance to relocate the family, find a proper treatment provider, and aids in securing new employment for up to a six-month period to alleviate the burden of uprooting a family with a sick child”, says Ancillary Business Consultant’s CEO and Co-founder, L. Gregory Loomar.

The ABC Family Fund is producing an exclusive Cannaphile Private Jet Tour to raise awareness, donations and support to assist these families in need of assistance.

A Boeing 757 executive configuration private jet will transport fifty guests on an eight night, six-star adventure to learn about both the current pharmacological and cannabis business opportunities in the rapidly expanding and evolving market. This once in a lifetime experience will include informative lectures by industry experts, personal tours of state of the art facilities for cultivating, processing and distributing of the finished products, opportunities to meet some of the new pioneers in the industry and will feature six star accommodations, dining and select events, pairing prime cannabis strains with gourmet dining.

The current itinerary includes the cannabis compliant US states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington and additionally, Canada’s pharmaceutical approach to cannabis and hemp will be showcased. This opportunity is scheduled to commence in May, 2018 round trip from the Northeast US area.

This exciting, ultra-luxurious six-star event presents a rare opportunity to learn about cutting edge health care treatments from an emerging industry, to ease sick children’s’ suffering, and to promote and contribute financial assistance to children and their families.