Our Mission

Right now, it is estimated that over 100,000 children in the US alone suffer from intractable epilepsy resulting in up to hundreds of seizures per day translating to certain reduced life span and virtually no quality of present life.  These children could be treated with a derivative of cannabis which is rich in cannabidinol (CBD), the treatment component and very low in tetrahydrocannabidinol (THC) the psychotropic component that causes the high effect.

Unfortunately, many of these children’s families reside in states where medical marijuana is still not legal and do not have the means to relocate to a state that has legal medical marijuana. The ABC Family Fund is raising money to help families relocate to a legal state, pay for the treatment and subsidize the family’s relocation expenses for a six month period. This gives the whole family time to acclimate and start their new life with their child having reduced seizures so that they all can begin to live a functional life.

We are asking for help in two ways; first please click here or on the link below and give, as even the smallest donation makes a difference in a child’s life and, if you do know a family that needs the ABC Family Fund’s assistance, please reach out and provide their information so we may open a dialog and hopefully be there to help as, our mission is to give a child and their family the gift of living.